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This is an overview of services that we provide at Syntax Trap. We love to make our clients happy by adding value to their business. In terms of elegant design, in less time and making the services convenient.

About Us


Our business provides management consulting to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency.  Our team of professionals analyze businesses and create solutions in meeting their goals and objectives. Discuss Analyze Manage Risks Profit Maximizing Growth and Exapnsion Sustainability Strategic Consultation

Accounting & Auditing

Let the professionals do the job, we aim to help organizations of all sizes regardless of the type of business or the industry. Services such installation of accounting applications, development of templates, regular reporting and advice of setting up internal controls

Web Hosting

We offer hosting services to all our clients managing the website on monthly or annual basis. Apart from the different hosting plans we offer email management facilities. Where we deliver unlimited number of emails, setup and management of emails to

Web Design and Development

The main technologies used in the development of our web based applications comprise of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScrip, Bootstrap etc. Since  our website back-ends are powered by WordPress we are confident about the reliability of our online solutions. Back-end Development Due

Graphics Designing

With the delivery of graphics in a meaningful pattern resulting an iconic logo resembling our clients and their expertise within it. This gives us the satisfaction that our clients are well served. From a simple logical talk to an elegant


Upon clients request we can create icons that are best suited for their requirement. Whether is be an application, website even a desktop software we are ready to create it for you. Just send us your requirement. General Icons Calendar

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We aim to deliver high quality product and services to all our clients. Ranging from small to large business we try to keep balance in delivering our commitments. The importance of delivering our services on time with agreed quality and standards has been a norm. To get started click the button below or send us an email.

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Recent Projects

Have a glance at some of our recent projects that we have successfully delivered to our clients. We hope you gonna like it.