Web Design and Development

The main technologies used in the development of our web based applications comprise of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScrip, Bootstrap etc. Since  our website back-ends are powered by WordPress we are confident about the reliability of our online solutions.

Back-end Development


Due to the reliability and high community support we have adopted a policy of proving all the back-ends in WordPress. The most powerful application developed for the purpose. As per the current stand more than 74.6 million websites depends on WordPress as a Content Management Suystem, as an email handling system and as a blogging mechanism.

Switching to WordPress has enabled us to become more efficient in terms of delivery time, attending to solution and bug fixing. This has also enabled us to focus more on developing for the right purpose which the client expected from the end product.



We plan the development of our clients websites and web applications together, this let’s us achieve the clients requirement as it is. Also it enables us to be satisfied that we have delivered our client what they really wanted.



At each stage of our software development, work together with our client to make the end product even better. By doing so, it enables us to understand the client requirement making the chances of less rework and this keeps the client even up to date.



We follow a set of standard procedures in implementing our web application we are confident about the successful implementation of the clients required system. Through the breaking down of the process we have achieved 50% improvement in delivery time.