Web Hosting

We offer hosting services to all our clients managing the website on monthly or annual basis. Apart from the different hosting plans we offer email management facilities. Where we deliver unlimited number of emails, setup and management of emails to all our clients within same hosting package.

Hosting and Domain Service

Domain names will be managed based on understanding with the clients. In the past we have experienced the clients loosing their domain names after initial year of  hosting the website. This happens due to the client taking the interest in managing the domain and never been able to track the expiry of the domain. With our current practice we take care of clients domain and give assurance that loosing your domain is out of question.

Like the same the management of hosting plans also falls into the same type of situation. Once the site is built and left with the clients loose focus on check the website actual data. In the event of hosting expiry the data will also be lost result huge amount of cost incurring on redoing all over again.

Due to such issues we have started providing full packages to all the clients, you just need to sign up with us. We will take care of your data, domain, hosting and all that is necessary for your website to be safe and secure.

Expand your business with our tools we simply need your approval - let's get it done